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Carlson Media Group offers the following nine beef cattle niche advertising opportunities.

F&R Livestock Resource

Regional publication reaching four of America’s top six cow-calf states – Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Published seasonally, four times per year. 11,000 readers.

The Cattle Business Weekly

America’s fastest growing beef cattle publication. Last January’s issues totaled 500 pages. The 2022 Annual Herd Reference Magazine will be a whopping 230 pages thick. Covers nine states in close proximity to South Dakota. In fact, the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska have more bull sales than any others. Cattle Business Weekly sales staff attends 300 sales annually. Each sale has staff member introduced by auctioneer before the sale which makes for a priceless promotional partner for growing this business. Coverage 10,500.


Beef Breeds Group- Five Breed Magazines – One Buy

Great tasting beef starts with bred in genetics and here are some of the industry’s best magazines - Hereford World, Red Angus Magazine, Charolais Journal, Gelbvieh World, and Shorthorn Country. Every marketer connected to the beef industry has benefited financially from soaring beef prices. Breeders own the highest dollar cow-herds in America. They sell the best and want the best. They buy your brand and potentially share the benefits of your product with their own customers. Influence the influencers!


Black Hills Stock Show Sales & Event Guide

Stock show takes place at the end of January, this annually is one of the largest attended cattle events in South Dakota. This stock show draws ranchers from across the region. as they buy new genetics and tour the exhibit area to research new products. Start the new year off right by placing your message in magazine that has 20,000 copies printed. Next to the Sturgis Bike Rally, this is the second largest Black Hills attended event.

Northern Livestock Video Auction

With five sales annually with projected sales total at 250,000 head, advertisers can reach buyers as they study the sale catalog. Think of how much product they will buy! Plus, count on these buyers having even more cattle at home that your message will be influencing. This is the best feeder calf advertising opportunity we offer at Cmg. With a page at only $500, buy all five sales in 2023 for $2,375.

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