connecting commercial advertisers and the beef industry


The world of digital for the beef industry continues to grow since its beginnings in early 2000. CMG President Jay Carlson was one of the industry online pioneers with the launching of one the most successful E-newslsletters in agriculture. Even from the beginning, he recognized that people could be reached more economically via the internet than through the mail. He knew that as the digital capabilities improved, so would marketing opportunities. Little did he ever dream however fifteen years later, during a global pandemic, cowmen would be bidding on bulls at auction without having to leave the ranch.


Digital is cheap, but digital alone is not always credible. Did you respond to the email from the Nigerian prince offering to share his wealth with you?  Digital works best used in combination with print media mix. Having digital without print partnership is like having a tractor without the engine. ..may work going downhill but for long term success the engine is highly recommended. Likewise, this combination digital – print marketing strategy will provide your prospects a continuous stream of information for brand recognition, product superiority and top on mind awareness.


Currently CMG offers three publications with digital opportunities. These include:


Published in Phillip, South Dakota, this weekly print publication offers advertising opportunities for website, Eblast and newsletter messages.


Published in Kansas City by the American International Charolais Association, this website reflects the quality commitment this breed has from pasture to the plate. Breeders go to this website to supply input for records as well as looking up the final tallies. Commercial cowmen get on the website to find the latest, greatest and best Charolais genetics available.


Published in Billings, Montana, this weekly print publication is an industry leader in sale catalogs and Eblasts promoting production sales launching as many as 600 throughout the year…and growing. Plus, the publisher reports excitement and growth for digital podcast which offers advertisers additional opportunities than website and Eblasts.

These three offer commercial advertisers strong digital marketing opportunities. Drop me a note and lets schedule a conference call to customize program for you.

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