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connecting commercial advertisers and the beef industry


The beef industry is running full steam ahead, and leading the charge are three of America's best regionally-published cattle publications. Their readership includes contiguous coverage from Missouri through the Dakotas and west to Montana and Oregon. These states run more than half the brood cows in America - and when it comes to quality, this region is known to produce the industry's best.


Many commercial advertisers may wonder why regional publications are doing so well, while the nation's former beef industry national publishing leader recently ceased publishing. The answer is regionals are "boots-on-the-ground" to meet local needs. Thus, they receive local breeder advertising support and provide editorial relevancy to their local readership. Recognizing that the majority of bull buyers come from within a 250 mile radius, purebred breeders recognize it makes good business-sense to advertise in regional publications - not nationals. As testament of this support, last fall one of our client's published their annual Herd Reference edition that was a whopping 240-pages in size.


Another reason regional publications have maintained - and even grown - readership and advertising support is the value of their editorial content. Regionals offer current news articles, market and product information, and producer features that are relevant, relatable, and delivered with a frequency that many national publications are not able to achieve. (I will also mention that these regionals feature some of my favorite - and most knowledgeable - reporters in our cattle industry.) Moreover, the publishers and editors of these regionals have family, friends, and business associates on the front-lines of the cattle industry whom they regularly discuss industry issues and ideas with to ensure current topics are being addressed.

Bottomline: Regional cattle publications are reaching real producers with relevant, relatable, timely industry information - and this is where commercial advertisers can reach those producers as well.


Advertisers can buy one or two publications making it possible for regional sales representatives to zero in on their target audience.


Take a look at these publication's information individually and drop us a note on how we can assist.


The Cattle Business Weekly is based in Philip, S.D. and is a regional agricultural publication serving a nine-state region. This publication provide’s cattle producers and affiliates of the beef industry with current news and up-to-date market reports while also offering interesting feature stories for great reads, making us a business paper with a down-home feel. CBW also provides many youth highlights and special event sections throughout the year including state fairs, conventions and the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.


F&R Livestock Resource is owned by the largest livestock market in Kansas. This Salina, Kansas based publication is a direct source for livestock news and information. We are  seasonally published and strategically reaches four key contiguous cow-calf states - Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma. All four rank in the nations top seven for cow-calf numbers. Special editorial emphasis is provided to better serve an emerging value-added market. Farmers & Ranchers Livestock Market annually hosts two of regions premier horse sales.

"Ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody else is doing it one way, there's a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction." -Sam Walton

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